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Fresh Food Program

Are you ready to learn a new profession?

This intense three-month training plan is geared towards getting you ready to be the ultimate Fresh Food Specialists. We carefully monitor your progress during this period giving you constant feedback and support to ensure that you succeed and make an impact with the opportunity for fast career growth.

Start your training by learning the basics of fresh food tasks, through to educating yourself on store policies and procedures.

Our Fresh Food Specialists can do anything and everything - so a strong work ethic and a positive attitude are an absolute must. We’re looking for self-motivated people with excellent communication skills who thrive in a fast-paced, customer-focused environment.

Similar to all our training programs, The purpose of the Fresh Food Program is to ensure that all new staff settle into their role as quickly and as effectively as possible. No matter what your knowledge or skill base is now, we will Induct & train you to reach your full potential.

We want you to complete the Training period feeling ‘buzzed’ and excited about your role & proud to be working in our stores!

In every new job there are many things to learn - new ways of working, new business terminology and new processes, to help you with all this new information they will be assigned a ‘Mentor’ during your Induction. The role of the Mentor is to show you the practical aspects of the job. The Buddy is their ‘go-to’ person with any questions or queries that you may have.

As Fresh Food Specialists you will learn technical skills that are in alignment with the company’s philosophies and operational strategies, all while receiving a stable salary as an official team members.

Benefits for the new Fresh Food Specialists

* Leading Retail & Consumer Company in Lebanon
* Established Career
* To be part of a stable and growing business
* Early responsibilities, important tasks
* Professional and mature
* Outstanding training.


Regardless of your background and area of expertise, we plan to make a Fresh Food Specialist out of you! There are a couple of core ingredients which we would like to see in our future Specialists:

High school education preferred or equivalent combination of education and experience
Passionate and curious about the work and business we do
Equally motivated by working independently as well as collaborating in a team.

We want you to grow and to develop your career path within our company, challenge us and bring in new ideas. If you are ready to launch your career as a GMRL Fresh Food Specialist, please follow these steps:
1) Apply directly to this job post
2) Submit your CV